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Thursday, March 31, 2011

You can't make this stuff up!

I've been following the news o' the day from Wisconsin closely. I'd like to share these on a regular basis - so feel free to contribute anything interesting you come across.

Thus far today, I've come across a few interesting things...

Congressperson Sean Duffy  (R-WI) complains that he's struggling to live on his $174k-per-annum salary.
In response, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is organizing a food and clothing drive for the Duffy family.
Oh, and the GOP wants the video clip in which Duffy details his struggles removed from YouTube... don't know yet whether they can or have succeeded in doing so.

In a recent visit to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Governor Walker asserted that 13,000 jobs had been created in Wisconsin in January and February.
Unemployment is up in every county other than Kenosha County.

I guess the third time's a charm, because the judge hearing the "Union Law" (in reality, it is SO much more, and I wish the press would quit referring only to the collective bargaining part of this bill) case in Madison has, for the third time, said that the law is NOT in effect and CANNOT be put into effect. This time, the administration is listening.
Anyone besides me wondering what the next move will be? I am speculating that the agreement of the administration means that they have another trick up their collective sleeves.

I have a copy of a recent fundraising letter sent by Scott Fitzgerald (Senate Majority Leader). It's truly amazing and rife with <ahem> "distortions of the truth". He brags about taking down the unions, claims that Obama was involved in the departure of the 14 Wisconsin Senators, and much, much more. It's in PDF format and I don't have a web link to if anyone can help with that I would truly appreciate it. Meanwhile, I'd be happy to send a copy to anyone who requests it.

There's always more - but I need to tend to a corned beef, a noisy parrot lovingly referred to as "Fang", laundry, and other mundane stuff.

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