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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And The Winner Is... (to be continued)

I'm finally finding time to do a bit o' blogging, and running into problems with an internet connection that's going up and down like a yo-yo - and when it IS up, it is slooowwww... so bear with me!

The past few days have been amazing. Anyone hear that we had a bit of an election here in Wisconsin? Just one of those little spring-fling elections that no one really much about - a few school board referendums, maybe a mayor or a town board member -<yawn>! Maybe the polling places expected a bit more turnout than usual - 20% or so would be about right, and extra ballots were ordered in case it went a bit over that.

Rod and I got up very early so as to be near first in line at our little polling place in the tiny township of Seymour. We arrived at 7:00 am. I had to register, but that took about two minutes. By the time I got through the line and could vote, I was voter number 54. The poll workers' comments about the enormous turnout :-D were wonderful to hear. Rod chatted with a few people he knew while he waited for me to finish doing my civic duty, and everyone was smiling.

It was going to be a good day for Democracy!

I spent some time making GOTV phone calls - "Hi, my name is Nancy, and I'm a volunteer calling folks today to remind and encourage them to get out there and vote today! This is predicted to be a close race, so your vote is definitely going to count!"

At the time, there's no way I could have imagined how true those words would prove to be.

I watched Twitter much of the night and well into today. I watched an AP web site that was updating numbers by county pretty regularly. I watched as the numbers waxed and waned on one side, then another. I watched the news from various sources on television and online - and Wisconsin was BIG news, despite several wars going on and a national budget crisis, we were NEWS. I've never watched an election more closely - and I heard that sentiment echoed over and over from people around the state, country, and world.

It came down to the little town of Lake Mills, WI. They didn't get their 700 votes completely tallied 'til around noon today, and results were rather long in coming.

The results?

1479976 total votes.
740,090 to 739,886.
A difference of 204 votes.

Two. Hundred. Four.

There will be recounts, absolutely - as there should be in any situation like this.

I'm proud of my state today. Six weeks ago, I and most of my fellow citizens asked, "Jo Anne WHO?" The vast majority of us had never heard of her - and had little knowledge of Prosser, either.

Today, they're household names - in Wisconsin and across the nation. "The World is Watching" is not just a slogan scrawled on a sign; it is truth.

I don't think either "side" can claim victory in terms of who will ultimately sit on the Supreme Court, but it's my firm belief that this *is* a victory in terms of what happens when people see a wrong, and unite in a big way to try to right it.

That's all for today. I had wanted to do something with some new Koch information I stumbled across, but this internet connection is making it very difficult to do the necessary research, so I am going to leave it for another day.

To all of you who voted yesterday, THANK YOU. To those of you who may not have - for whatever reason - here's your opportunity to realize how important your vote really is.


  1. I have long been embarrassed by the number of people that have said their vote does not count. I have been embarrassed by the consistent low voter turn out. Yesterday proved how important each and every vote actually is. The turn out speaks highly of all of Wisconsin citizens that stepped up and spoke out. I thank you.
    I hope our representatives heard us.

  2. Thank you! I appreciate so much hearing from you!