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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blood on Their Hands: Letter to My Governor and Legislators

The cookie-cutter legislation that is permeating many states' governments is horrifying.

The tax cuts benefit only the wealthy. The cuts to programs that help people, and indeed sustain some of our citizens' lives, hurt all of us. I would venture to guess that most of our citizenry will either be direcly impacted or know someone who will be impacted by these cuts.

I fail to understand how any human being with a modicum of compassion can support legislation that, mark my words, will drastically reduce the quality of life for so many. For our most vulnerable of citizens. It is an outrage.

Mark my words: some of these people will DIE, if this continues. Do you want their blood on your hands?

I implore you to stand against this agenda. The people of Wisconsin deserve so much better.

And yes, I will ask you outright: are you currently a member of, or are you planning, to join ALEC?

Some of this, myself included, will do all that we can to fight for these individuals. We will refuse to be apathetic. We will do everything in our power to spread information regarding the ALEC agenda for our state and nation.

It is unconscionable for some of us to do otherwise.

Again, I implore you to muster up the courage to do the right thing. To stand up and fight. To refuse to allow our state to be run by Walmart.

Nancy Ames

(address and phone number were included, of course; we'll see who responds)

RESPONSE received from Representative Kathy Bernier:

Ms Ames,
Thank you for your e-mail.
There appears to be some misconception over what ALEC is and does. ALEC is a group made up largely of state legislators from around the country. I am a member of this organization, because I think it will be helpful to be able to talk to legislators not just from Wisconsin but from around the country to take a look at what they are doing in their states and what best practices we can use here in Wisconsin. There are about 1,800 legislative members from all across the U.S., and I think it can be an opportunity to learn from these individuals.
Please let me know if you have any other questions I can help you with.
Kathy Bernier

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