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Friday, April 1, 2011

Let's You and Him Fight!

First, some of the news...

Fox News viewership is down. Are people waking up? We can only hope and pray!

Applause for former governor Patrick Lucey... he's resigned from the Prosser campaign.

MUST READS! I'd never heard of a "Behavioral Economist" before, but this 'un has some great insights. I encourage you to read what he has to say. I'm a bit surprised that Marketwatch would publish these columns, but I'm glad they did.

Some of us remember "Games People Play", by Eric Berne. If I remember correctly, it was written in the 70's. His concept of "Let's You and Him Fight" is relevant today.

It seems to me that the "Powers that Be" are playing this game, and have been for a while - creating division amongst the rest of us. If we who have notsomuch are encouraged to fight among ourselves, we cease to fight against those who are attempting to deceive us into doing so.

Unfortunately - sadly - they are succeeding. We are falling for their lies. Some of us really believe that unions are the problem. Really? How can we really BELIEVE that?

We are being spoon-fed encouragement to indulge in a false "class envy" - pitting those who would LOVE to have a job with some stability and some benefits (previously commonplace!) against those who have been fortunate enough to hang onto them.

Who is doing this? Those who will never have to worry about the price of a decent steak, put off going to the dentist, or lie awake at night worrying about how they'll fare after retirement (if, indeed, we can ever retire!). 

Why are those of us who struggle to get by on $25k indulging in what borders on hatred of those of us who struggle to get by on little more?

When will we realize that we are ALL pawns in the current crisis, and join together to fight a system that has destroyed our hopes, our dreams, our confidence in the future?

How can we fix this? I don't pretend to know, but I fear for our communities, our states, our country, our world.

Falling for "Let's You and Him Fight" - we cannot afford to play along with this ruse, in a time when we need to work TOGETHER and come up with some real solutions.

As always - I welcome your thoughts, input, comments, and respectful discourse.

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