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Sunday, April 17, 2011

President Obama Suspends Decision-Making Powers of Wisconsin Elected Officials

Bet THAT got your attention, didn't it?

Relax. A little. For now. It's not true. Can you imagine the outrage, if it happened? If suddenly we woke to find that the only rights that our elected officials had left were as follows...

"Call meetings to order, adjourn them and approve minutes of meetings."

Everything else - EVERYTHING ELSE - would be handled by an "Emergency Manager" - in my  AGAIN, untruthful "headliner" for today, that means an "Emergency Manager" appointed by President Obama.

I think that every citizen in our state would take to the streets, if this UNTRUTHFUL headline were true - Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Coffee Party, Independent, Progressive.... the outrage would be near-unanimous.

Preposterous, you think? Outrageous? Impossible, in our country?

Think again, folks.


At first, I didn't believe it. I didn't WANT to believe it. I had a rather fuzzy notion that some sort of legislation had been proposed in Michigan that would do something of this sort, but I confess I hadn't followed it closely enough to even be aware that it had, indeed passed. A few tweets came out, and I did some digging to try to uncover the truth, as did others - it all seemed just too surreal to possibly be true.

Well, it was, it is, and it is among the most frightening pieces of legislation I've seen. I've only begun to try to wrap my mind around the implications.

Here's a good (okay, let's be honest - by "good" I mean "easily found on Google at 3:30 am and seems to make sense") link to some information published BEFORE the bill passed:

Um, yeah, if you actually read this, you will see ALEC in there - the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Well, it's not only passed, but it has been used to take over Benton Harbor, Michigan. I'm not kidding, folks.

I still want someone from Michigan to tell me that this information is wrong, that this didn't happen, and I promise you that if that is the case I will retract this immediately, apologize, do whatever I have to do to get the truth of the situation out.

Here it is, though.

Just an aside: I find it amazing that this is not bigger news in Michigan. The Detroit News web site has a little blurb on it - a small AP piece and you have to dig for it. I searched the Lansing State Journal site for "Benton Harbor" and it doesn't show up. Frankly, that still gives me hope that it isn't true, that this has not happened, that it's some sort of hoax-gone-viral!

Oh, and I probably owe President Obama a huge apology for the title of this blog, but I think he'll understand why I did it!


  1. I fear it is true. I also fear that Walker, actually Alberta Darling, will introduce something very much like it in one to three months. I hope like heck the people of Wisconsin, regardless of what political affiliation will come together to thwart the passage. This is NOT my Wisconsin.


    Looks like it's already happening...

  3. Yeah, really it's an assault on democracy. Now that Walker has said the report of his administration doing so is "Absolutely false," I am anxious to see what spin he gives it when it does come to pass...