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Monday, April 11, 2011

US Citizens Losing Jobs to "Illegals" (thanks, GOP!)

Worried about illegal immigration? Worried about jobs being outsourced to non citizens, and that non citizens are being hired to fill positions that our country's own citizenry badly needs?

You should be.

It may shock you to know that all of this is coming to us via the folks that have made "JOB CREATION" their mantra du jour. That it's been happening right under ours noses - not in Mexico, not in Asia.

Our own citizens are also working these jobs - most of which pay them mere dollars a day. Legally.

You'll recognize many of the corporate names, I think. IBM. Motorola. Boeing. Victoria's Secret. Many, many more. Many ALEC members among 'em, too.

Who are these workers? How are they managing to stay so off-the-radar that most of us are not even aware that this is happening?

They are those who are in our prisons. The prisons that have, since mandatory sentencing, three-strikes-you're-out, and other legislation - including a lot that is pending in my beloved Wisconsin - been steadily increasing in population for well over a decade.

This all ties together: increasing prison populations is a good thing for these corporations, who can then keep jobs (?) stateside for much less than it costs to take 'em out of the country. Lay off workers who have to be paid minimum wage or above, replace them with a reliable, captive workforce. While they're at it, they can scratch the backs of other ALEC members - the for-profit prisons that are expanding nationwide, who directly profit by keeping inmates incarcerated.

It's win-win, for those who stand to profit - and make no mistake about it, the driving force behind this is PROFIT.

So what are the pieces of this puzzle? What has to be in place, for it to work?

  • A readily available "workforce". Prison populations must remain high, stable, and must be comprised of people who are capable of performing the jobs offered.
    • Legislation designed to incarcerate and keep more, and more nonviolent, offenders has been proliferating for years and is now on the table in many states. This includes immigration laws - it is no coincidence that we are trending toward a system that will focus less on keeping illegals out than on keeping them here, in prisons. We won't send them home - we will "hire" them.
  • Capacity to house and care for this rising population.
  • Corporations willing to exploit these populations
    • Corporations? Exploit? d'ya think?
    • In addition to the above, Kmart, JCPenney, McDonald's, Eddie Bauer, even Honda for a time (you will have no problem finding more - just Google "prison manufacturing", "prison labor", etc.)
  • Some facility or organization that can bring all of these together and make 'em work.
    • ALEC - the American Legislative Exchange Council - includes in its membership rolls "all of the above". I challenge you to find one company that is profiting from this, one company that will profit from this, that is NOT an ALEC member. One piece of supporting legislation that is not endorsed by and likely crafted by ALEC members. One lawmaker who's introducing this agenda  on a state or national level who has not been indoctrinated by ALEC.
Of course, it also requires the cooperation of the public. In most cases, those of us who are supporting this agenda are doing it unwittingly. We believe in America, we believe that our Grand Old Party is really trying to create jobs for "real" Americans, we believe that, unregulated, corporations will use their profits to create those jobs and help our country out of its economic doldrums. We believe that illegal immigrants, unions, and those #%#% liberals are what's bleeding our country's coffers dry.

Big dollars are being spent to keep us believin'. To put a spin on this that many Americans are willing to buy.

To keep us focused on ANYTHING but the real problem, anything at all.

I want to believe that there is still hope, that our citizens are intelligent enough to figure out what's going on and not so beaten down that they won't rise up and fight, but I confess to having my doubts. Prove me wrong - PLEASE.

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  1. Sadly enough, the old saw is terribly, terrifyingly all too true...History does indeed repeat itself, and can only be stopped from repeating by the people being aware of what has gone before; avoiding repeats with the same blind eyes.

    Eyes wide open, folks!