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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why No Renewable Wind Energy in Wisconsin?

You may have read (hope you have!) about the demise of wind energy plans in Wisconsin. I've been curious about that.

Now, you may fall on one side or the other or somewhere in the middle, on the global warming debate. Put that aside for now, because I think that no matter what our various differences regarding that matter, we can all agree on a few things:

  • We need jobs, as a state and as a country.
  • Building those turbines and using them to create and maintain renewable energy would create jobs.
  • NOT building them means that we lose out on those jobs.

So why in the world aren't we doing it?

Let me restate that: WHY IN THE WORLD AREN'T WE DOING IT???????!!!!!!!

Remember ALEC - the American Legislative Exchange Bureau? That organization has an agenda for our state and nation - all one needs to do is look to their own web site to see that; they don't hide that fact (though they DO hide a LOT - you will not be able to access much of their information without being a member. Odds are, if you are reading this humble blog, you would not qualify for membership - reserved for legislators and VERY big business).

Remember the Koch brothers? They certainly qualify as heavy investors in big business, and much of their wealth derives from NON-renewable energy sources.

ALEC members include many businesses that are based, in whole or in part, upon non-renewable energy sources - oil, coal, nuclear energy (okay, nuclear energy is kinda sorta "clean", but the situation in Japan should give all of us pause regarding building more nukie plants). Big businesses. Household names.

They do NOT profit from wind-generated energy. Not the oil companies, not the automakers, not those involved in coal, not those who build the pipelines.

This article says some things about the subject much better than I can. You may or may not approve of the source, but again, just focus on the facts, setting aside your political bent for now:

We in Wisconsin, and we as a nation, are about to get some legislation passed that will greatly reduce our current standards for slowing down (I won't say preventing; don't know if that is possible) the pollution of our natural resources - land, water, air. Future generations will have to clean up whatever messes we leave in our wake. The likes of the Koch brothers will profit - we and our children and grandchildren and... will not, at least insofar as we have to foot the bill for this cleanup, eventually, or suffer dire consequences.

It doesn't take a genius to follow the money on this 'un.

So we won't get those jobs. We won't get that source of renewable energy. We will continue our reliance on fossil fuels. We will accelerate the destruction of our natural resources. We will pay for the privilege of doing so - whenever we pay our Excel Energy bill, pump liquid gold into our SUV's.

Thanks for reading. If you're interested in more, here are some further resources - some directly from the horse's mouth, even.
(Nice that they are commending our very own Governor Walker for his promotion of their agenda, dontcha think? And I'd encourage you to, at the very least, scan the subject included in this document.)

And the biggie, in case you REALLY want to know what's behind all of this "cookie cutter" legislation being introduced and passed in many states of our nation:

Of course, you won't be able to find many specifics on this site. Likely, you are not a member and could not afford to be a member. They are fairly secretive about their membership rolls, as well.

I hope that the entire agenda of the ALEC organization comes to light - sooner, rather than later.

Knowledge is power, folks.


  1. Informative and enjoyable, thanks!

  2. Nick Griffin MillerApril 7, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    Excellent...keep it up...

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