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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Once it's Too Late: A Right-Wing Future

The extremist right wing is perpetrating an agenda that will, if allowed to continue, destroy the rights of all but an elite few who will rule over the rest of us. It will destroy everything that our United States stands for.

Much of the legislation that is required to fulfill the ultimate agenda is already written. Some is speculation based on what is coming out of the right-wing think tanks.

If some of what I have written seems contradictory, it is - just as some of the pieces of ALEC legislation runs contrary to other pieces.

All of these think tanks can be linked to ALEC, and paid for by corporate sponsors that are ALEC members. Any of the supposed "grass roots" extremist right-wing organizations that I am aware of are in actuality funded by ALEC member organizations. Astroturf. Front groups.

The Tea Party movement was started by the tobacco companies.

Much of the legislation that will fuel such a future is already written, though the majority of it has not (yet) been enacted.

I invite respectful commentary and additions to what I've written.

MARK MY WORDS - an underground will develop to fight the ruling regime, if even a portion of this comes to pass. Components of this movement are already in place - indeed, already actively at work.  

I hope that none of this happens, but I fear, based on what's already happening, tha is a distrinct possibility.

There are no longer any public schools. Government subsidies (vouchers) have been eliminated, so most parents are unable to afford the for-profit private schools.
Critical thinking skills are neither encouraged nor taught. History has been rewritten; all references to views other than those of the right wing have been either eliminated or cast in an extremely negative light; the vast majority of people are no longer aware of dissent.

Teachers and professors who remain are imprisoned for expressing any views that have been disallowed.

The ruling class is still able to obtain education for their children. It is free to any who toe the line of the political agenda.

What education is available to the lower class is confined to that necessary to provide skilled labor.

All owned by mega-corporations. Constant barrage of propaganda on news channels.Other channels consist of "entertainment" shows, sporting events. NPR was elimated long ago. The internet is heavily censored and online behavior is monitored. There is no regulation of advertising - misleading and outright deceptive ads are the norm, as is

Health care
Only for-profit hospitals and clinics available. Hundreds of thousand die. No regulation. Insurance companies accept only the lowest-risk customers. Only the ruling class can afford insurance premiums and health care.

The elderly, disabled, and ill are, if not able to work and not part of the ruling class able to afford their care, euthanized.

Use of "recreational" drugs is encouraged. Corporations provide drugs to workers - amphetamines and painkillers to ensure productivity on the job . Compliance-inducing drugs are cheap and plentiful, including addictive drugs.

Abortion is thriving, and in many cases, forced.

Elections been eliminated. There is no need for them, as there are no longer political parties. Politicians are appointed, as are all remaining government officials. The functions of the federal government have been reduced to the military, running prisons, and to ensuring that no states or local communities go renegade. All local government has been eliminated.

Each state, each community, has a powerful military presence to prevent any citizen dissent.

There is no longer a need for immigrant workers. Minimum wage has been abolished, and prison labor is readily available without cost. Borders have been easily closed, as they could have been all along.

Finance and taxation
Citizens are heavily taxed in order to run the remaining government.

Interest rates are unregulated and personal debt is encouraged. If unable to pay their debts, people are imprisoned.

There are basically only two remaining classes - the ruling class and laborers.

Small businesses no longer exist.

Corporations house employees and their families as cheaply as possible. All human needs are provided by corporations - food, clothing and shelter. Workers are not allowed to change occupations.

Social servicesThere is no longer a need for "safety nets"; any citizens who would them in order to survive are simply eliminated.

Gun control
It's baaaack! There is no longer a need to placate the Tea Party - in fact, it's been eliminated, and any possiblity of citizen militias or uprisings must be controlled.

What Happened to the Tea Party? Once they figured out that they'd been duped - used as pawns - misled and outright lied to, many rose up in rage. Their weapons were confiscated; any threatening to use them were killed or imprisoned. They were simply tossed aside, no longer useful, when the agenda was brought to fruition.

It was too late.

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