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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wrapped in the Flag and Carrying the Cross: The Evil of ALEC

The link above will take you to an article that may be the most important article you will ever read.

Something evil is afoot. It has been insidiously infiltrating our culture, our nation, our religions, our media - nearly every facet of our lives - since 1973, though its roots go back even further than that.

It is without conscience or morality, though it has cloaked itself in false righteousness, false patriotism. It deceives so many into believing that they are participating in a "grass roots" movement to "take back our country".

It has stolen our jobs, the ability to even find a job with a living wage, and the benefits that formerly came with jobs.

It has stolen our savings and imperiled our futures. It has brought many of us to the brink of financial ruin - some have fallen right off the cliff. It's destroyed our national economy.

It has eliminated small businesses.

It has damaged our environment.

If not stopped, it will murder more people than the holocaust - it may have already. It is doing all that it can to prevent the education of our children, to make it extremely difficult to obtain higher education. Educated peoples are much harder to control - critical thinking skills are to be avoided. It fights against democracy by making it more difficult to vote and fighting any attempt to eliminate the electoral college system that negates thousands of votes.

It claims to support our Constitution, but is actively trying to change those parts that are inconvenient to its agenda.

It will tell you that only the media outlets that it completely controls are telling you the truth - and that you need look no further than, for the most blatant example, Fox News. It will do all it can to prevent you from asking questions, from investigating and researching the subjects for yourselves.

It tells you that it is fighting against "illegal" immigration - and that is a lie; it seeks only these people's cheap labor and to imprison them in privatized, for-profit prisons. Once imprisoned, they can doubly profit from their incarceration and by putting them to work at jobs that yes, would actually pay a decent wage on the outside today. This drives all of our wages down.

It will stop at nothing: lies, cheating, psychological manipulation, even blasphemy. It will use the uneducated as pawns - while vilifying those who ARE educated and calling them "elitist". It lies about the origins of the Tea Party and the funding behind it and other groups. Once it is done with them, once it has finished exploiting their prejudices, misdirecting their anger, perpetuating their fears... it will toss them aside like so much trash.

For those who choose not to join this group, those Republicans who refuse to compromise their morality and consciences, the path is difficult - major sources of contributions to their campaigns are no longer available. Most have chosen to go along with the crowd.

ALEC - the American Legislative Exchange Council - is the group behind this agenda. There are others, but most of them have financial ties to ALEC.

Many, if not most, of your state legislators will not admit that they are ALEC members. They will not answer questions, they'll blatantly lie, they'll maintain the dark secrets of ALEC. They will not reveal the corporate names involved in it - the corporations who are writing the legislation for them.

What will it take to rid the world of what has been described - accurately, in my opinion - as "Public Enemy Number One?" We have to refuse to support politicians who are or have been ALEC members, as a beginning. It may be difficult to get your legislators to admit their membership - it may take more than merely asking them. In some cases open records requests have been used to expose ties to ALEC.

Why, if ALEC is such a good organization, are our elected legislators reluctant to admit the origins of the legislation they are backing and introducing? Ask yourself that question. Then ask them.

What else will it take? I do not know what it will take in our country, but it frightens me.

Yet the knowledge of what this agenda will do, if allowed to continue, frightens me much more. We are seeing more and more of the iceberg under the tip, but the agenda is being carried out more rapidly and systematically now than at any point in its history. It will only accelerate from here, if we allow it to.

Shine the light of day on this. It's beginning already - as citizens become aware, many of us are doing our utmost to expose ALEC and its evil agenda, expose the members. I hope that this knowledge spreads across our nation and those other nations that are now being influenced by ALEC. I hope that people are courageous enough to stand against this, to face the truth, to become informed, to do whatever it takes to stop it.

It must be stopped. I think that we still have the power, will, and basic goodness to put a stop to it.

Do you? Or will you continue to be deceived by this agenda that truly comes "Wrapped in a flag and carrying the cross" - only to be destroyed by it?

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  1. This is one of the best descriptions I've read of the threat to the US by ALEC and it's owners. Please continue to address this.