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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ALEC Daily - A Few ALEC Links From 8/22-23 2011

Overview of ALEC:

Good writeup by Robert Sloan regarding ALEC's public education agenda:

Which Michigan legislators are using taxpayer funds for their ALEC memberships?

Interesting and promising: the Common Cause ALEC document is available on the Montana/Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council site!

Great article: Elite Privilege and the Prison-Industrial Complex:
 Awesome to see the word getting out all over! A rural Virginia area gets educated:

MS. Magazine article:

Exxon Mobil Daily Report apparently has articles about ALEC. Mere mortals can't get to them. Hmmm. Perhaps someone could assist with this?

Viewing ALEC as a Political Party (I love this blog!)

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