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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To #wiunion, With Love

I'm certain that a lot of us are sleepless in Wisconsin tonight, as the recall elections loom large. As I type this, we are about 4.5 hours from an historic moment in the history of our state and our country: the moment the polls open in Wisconsin on August 9, 2011.

Many Tweeps who do not know of the hash tags #wiunion and #wirecall are sending thoughts our way by including Wisconsin in their tweets. I've been following for a few hours now, and though I have been unable to catch all of them due to sheer volume, here's what my fumbling fingers were able to capture.

My beloved Wisconsin: the eyes of the nation and the world are on us. I'm sure there will be much more of this as the day progresses... but here's something to go with your morning coffee!

RT @JonErpenbach: Ok Wisconsin let's send a very loud and clear message to the rest of the country tomorrow. VOTE!!!!

Wisconsin...Lead The Way! Make a strong statement. You have no idea the national support you have! Ohio here..… let's get all 50 states!

HUGE day in Wisconsin tomm! Let em know: if they threaten workers rights they're OUT. All Packer fans to the polls! Recall! Recall! Recall!

Okay Wisconsin... show the world what you're made of.

Wisconsin friends: RECALLS TOMORROW! Get out and vote!

It's election morn in Wisconsin! 2 new videos just for the good people of WI... we are all cheeseheads today.

Good luck to those fighting the tyranny in Wisconsin!

We sleep now, but when you and I wake up, be part of one if the biggest days there has ever been in Wisconsin politics since La Follette.

Shout out to Wisconsin a London POWER TO THE PEOPLE !!!

By the sound of things democrats are about to take over Wisconsin

Social Media Changing the Landscape in Wisconsin's Recall Elections

good luck #dems #Wisconsin 2morrow!!!!!

Recall Elections in Sharply Divided Wisconsin Are Ending on Frenetic Note as Capitalist Corporations seek state control.

The question is are Wisconsin citizens dumb enough to re-elect incumbent Republicans?? #maybe

What happens in Wisconsin tomorrow will have big ramifications for the Nation as Whole #MarkMyWords

@eqracer Let's start expressing our fury at the downgrade by sending a message to the Tea Party in the Wisconsin 8/9/11 Recall elections.

Wishing my Wisconsin firefighter brothers and other public employees good luck in tomorrows recall election.

If you're in Wisconsin, and of age, get out and vote! Retake the State Senate! There's a war going on outside!

I love hearing all those WI accents on TV...

What happens in Wisconsin won't stay in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Will Win And Show America How Democracy Works It Works Tweeps!! Really it does #Economy #jobs #unions #Wisconsin

Whether you're #dem or #rep we all need to take a page from #Wisconsin and become more active in our gov. #abetterUSA

@MorningJoe @WeGotEd I'd like 2 extend my most insincere condolences 2 the careers of the 8 Weasels in Wisconsin &Walker TheClock IsTicking

Good luck to Wisconsin tomorrow. Hope is with you. Make it happen remove those evil Republicans, then you can focus on Walker.

RT @TimeInWisconsin: #Wisconsin The time in Madison is abt 12:00 AM on Tuesday, 9 August 2011 REMEMBER TODAY IS #RECALL ELECTION DAY

@fsrn GO WISCONSIN!!! Throw the bastards out!

For those looking for a pick me up, watch the Ed Show. He is live in Wisconsin on the Eve of a massive recall election..go middle class!

C'mon Wisconsin, vote tomorrow. Vote, vote, vote. This is bigger than the State. Get these Corporate lackeys out of the system.

Good Luck tomorrow Wisconsin Dems! I will be cheering you on! Go Progressives! #wisconsindemsforever

Wisconsin, when our Democracy faded to a distant spark - you rekindled a new flame that is giving hope to millions - Let your light shine!

Hoping WI Dem voters are so successful tomorrow that GOP has no way to spin it. Go Wisconsin Dems. Send a message to the RNC & the House.

big day #Wisconsin... do it
Very curious to see what happens in Wisconsin tomorrow. #recall

Special Election Time in Wisconsin - get out there and kick Republican ass.

Wisconsin better not let us down!

@alesolo - Checkout the recall election in Wisconsin... Walker is about to get his ass handed to him @GovWalker

@ProgressPAC Good luck #Wisconsin Please send #GOP a message that you know what they did.


#Wisconsin democrats, the middle class is counting on you! Win those 6 seats back from the shady ass republicans!! #VOTE

WISCONSIN. The world will be watching you tomorrow. You've started a revolution. Believe it. I'm so proud to be in a country with WISCONSIN

Let's go Wisconsin!

Wisconsin : Wisconsins Vote More Important Than Iowas - Huffington Post (blog)

I'm counting on a democratic landslide in the Wisconsin Recall Elections, not just 3 seats but all 6 2 b formerly held by Republicans!

GOP leadership realized that Democrats could actually become the majority in the Wisconsin state Senate recall elections on Tuesday.

Forget about the straw poll, Wisconsin will tell Scott Walker & his union-busting cronies what they think of them soon.

@TickedOffDem no problem bro, everybody behind #Wisconsin today

RT @GoLeftYoungMan Wisconsin voters Remember the stock market rose 92% since Obama became President & sunk 50% since Boehner became Speaker.

In case you've forgotten, we have a recall election in Wisconsin we need to get to winning.

I'm excited for Wisconsin! Will they be The Change We Can Belive In!? Will this be Peoples Summer?

RT @Arianna8927: Good luck Wisconsin Progressives tomorrow....I only hope we all have your enthusiasm come are inspiring us all :-)

Geaux WISCONSIN Democrats! Progressives stand w/you! G-d Bless

In another 48 hours - max - Wisconsin will permanently have wiped the smirk off of Gov. Walker's face...

this is a big day for Wisconsin and our nation....workers unite & vote

Good Luck, Wisconsin! go vote

It starts with you today, #Wisconsin. Restore rational thought and sanity. It's time for people to speak louder than money! #recall #p2

To ALL the folks in #WI #Wisconsin: You ALL inspire me SO much! PLEASE make sure you get EVERYONE out to #vote tomorow! #CHANGE! #dems #p2

Good thoughts for Wisconsin tonight, the "deeper patriots" , not the "cheaper patriots".God is on OUR side & wants Rick Perry to shut up.

Good Luck tomorrow Wisconsin. You have shown us the way 2 get things done. More than JUST WORDS! You took action+deserve 2 come out on top.

If u don't think the success of the recall vote in Wisconsin tomorrow is important, u're a multimillionaire republican w/little to no soul.

#Recall elections are tomorrow in #Wisconsin. Good luck, Wisconsinites. #labor #solidarity

Dear Wisconsin, we Americans that really care about the USA are behind you 100%. Keep fighting! Stay strong!

Definitely inspired by the recall elections happening in Wisconsin. Time to end the way that the #GOP governs

Go dems in Wisconsin. This is big for the middleclass Americans all over the the country

on [voting] wisconsin!

#wisconsin will show what real people want THUMBS UP #cheeseheads
Good luck tomorrow, Wisconsin Dems!

We have a moment.One moment to change Wisconsin.To change the world this is our time. We are the heroes that we have been waiting for.

Help get-out-the-vote efforts tomorrow in Wisconsin. Let's not allow the dismantling of our Unions, who fought for OUR minimum wage.

RT @ArrghPaine: Wisconsin matters because it shows the nation that the voice of the people still holds power in our governance #p2 #wiunion

I kind of like the protestors in Wisconsin.

RT @MahlonMitchell: We have a moment.One moment to change Wisconsin.To change the world this is our time. We are the heroes that we have been waiting for.

#Democracy in action in #Wisconsin #msnbc

GOP Going Down In Wisconsin!! GO #Wisconson!!

Crossing my fingers for #Wisconsin tomorrow #throwthebumsout

For those in districts in Wisconsin with recall elections-vote tomorrow (TUES)! Time to make those bastards pay!

Good luck tomorrow #Wisconsin! The country will hopefully look to your standard for guidance!

#Wisconsin looks fired up over the #recall on the Ed Show tonighGo dems in Wisconsin. This is big for the middleclass Americans all over the the countryt. Take our country back and good luck. #union #democracy

I should be in bed but I'm watching The Ed Show and I think I'm witnessing the beginning of a new political movement. Wisconsin's snappin!

Nation Watches as Wisconsin Prepares for Recalls Tuesday

Great energy in Wisconsin- Bob LaFollette would be proud- people remember who built the state before @GovWalker sold out what some died for

We are all behind the Democratic voters of Wisconsin and anyone voting for the Democratic candidates. 

Godspeed Wisconsin!!

Watch Wisconsin tonight! The middle class people are hitting the streets to take those 'protect the very rich' republicans seats. U all ROCK

@oneunionmom Could be a making history day - Good Luck Wisconsin workers drag the GOP/Teanuts back from planetary insanity

Go Wisconsin!!!!! Get your state back. Get rid of the TBaggery hate, thuggery and arrogance. Stand up for teachers, nurses and middle class

Wisconsin will show us, who has a higher ground People with Conviction or People with Money...can we stop the bleeding of the Middle class?

#Wisconsin will show us, can we bring good paying jobs and build middle class in America again..if service jobs are America future so be it!

The Economic Times : Double dip recession: All eyes on recall elections in sharply divided state: Wisconsin vote...

Good luck to all the democrats in every Wisconsin recall election Tuesday!! Recall every stinking #GOP & return sanity to WI!! #GOPfail

Still have my "We are all Wisconsin" button from an earlier protest & will wear it in solidarity ahead of today's election. #PowerOfProtest

Wisconsin, we stand with you. Send them a message. Thank them for the #teapartydowngrade. You are fighting for our future. #P2 #p21 #P2B

#Wisconsin will show us what we R made of,how strong can we stand 4what we believe!Corporate may have all money in the world but we can vote

Tomorrow the heart and spirit of every American who loves democracy & opposes fascism will be in Wisconsin

I'm in California and I am praying tonight that Wisconsin Dems win big tomorrow in the recall elections.

Ok Wisconsin let's send a very loud and clear message to the rest of the country tomorrow. VOTE!!!!

Solidarity- Middle Class- Citizen United in Wisconsin Votes Tomorrow Good Luck & God Bless Taking The Lead For the Rest MoPoDC

Just watched some Ed & KO had a shot of Jack & I'm ready to go.Wisconsin voters when your done, drive a neighbor to the Polls & get it done

#Wisconsin will show the rest of the Country how to deal with crooked politician who don't have ppl best Interest in mind!Recall & Primary!

"They can't take my heart, can't take my soul and they can't take my vote." ~ Wisconsin citizen

1st, Arab Spring, then Wisconsin, now London. Have the downtrodden of this world finally had enough?

@MoPoDC Let's remove all that threaten our way of life & Stand Together and support Wisconsin in their Fight for Unity & Peace MoPoDC

Voters of Wisconsin the Nations eyes will be on you Tuesday! Make us proud and stand up for your rights. Set the tone for the other states

#Wisconsin will be the road to change in all 50 State, where city and rural population will get together as one...working ppl of America...

Rock n Roll Wisconsin! A recall election for the middle class! Time for record progress to be hand in hand with record profits!

A lot rides on the Wisconsin vote tomorrow,If Dems win big it will send a chill thru the GOP and change the political climate Nationally!

The labor unions in the rest of this country should be watching and planning to repeat the events in #wisconsin tonight! You guys ROCK!!

Go Wisconsin!! You can do it - re-call those servants to billionaires/business and vote in people who work 4 the people! - #tfb - Good luck tomorrow to the People of Wisconsin... . A lot of Americans will be watching and wishing you luck in

Eyes of all of us is turn toward #Wisconsin.That State will show Us the way of America. Austerity measure, or building Middle Class again!

@watergatesummer I am praying for Wisconsin too. SHAKE UP THE POLITICAL CLIMATE.

Go Wisconsin! Go Union! Good luck tomorrow. Vote out those anti-worker anti-union anti-American Republicans! #labor #tcot #teaparty #topprog

Today Wisconsin puts some Kochsuchers out of work. Next November, we finish the job.

@yodasworld To all the hard working middle class of #Wisconsin: Good luck and get your state back in the recall!!! #Workersrights!

#Obama #Wisconsin In Wisconsin Obama's Approval Soars as Scott Walker Plummets #hithotus

C'mon #Wisconsin!!! It's time to get back your state government! Protect worker rights! What starts in WI goes across the nation!!!

Asian Shares Plummeted Tuesday: | NOT excited for the market open. Have faith #Wisconsin will be tomorrow's good news.

@AnonymousPress :: WOOT! Do not forget, do not forgive! Free #Wisconsin! Down with #KOCHTOOLS! Fight back #Dems! #Gad says so!

I'm keeping my paws crossed hoping Wisconsin voters will recall those GOP anti-American traitors tomorrow! We're with you #Wivoters

GOTV Wisconsin. all Real Americans are counting on your votes to kick those GOP bastards...where the sun don't shine...#WIunions #p2

@oopsieee thnx for retweets# Wisconsin. we must do our fighting in the voting booth. middle class must survive for a strong country.

Say a prayer for Wisconsin we r pulling you god speed

Changed my avatar to support union family voting 2morrow in #Wisconsin - Let's turn twitter red 'til Wednesday. @sosmarch @DianeRavitch

@SuperNerdMe The Wisconsin situation has been going on for a few months. Pretty amazing how ppl responded. Now they r kicking the bums out.

Boy, do I wish I were registered to vote in Wisconsin! Tomorrow's going to be an exciting day.

Wisconsin, Get out there and vote!!!!!!!

Good Luck today Wisconsin - OMPOW stands with you! <3
People of Wisconsin I salute you! Recall the pack of corrupted politicians kick them out of office teach them a lesson Reps cannot forget!

On Wisconsin!

Will #Wisconsin be bought & brought down by the #KochBrothers, or will they reject the politics of despair & greed & cynicism? Stay tuned.

I Love Wisconsin!
Go go go, vote vote vote Wisconsin Democrats! Take back your State from Scott Walker and his evil band of Tea Party/Koch Bros idiots! #Dems

Tomorrow the nation's educators will have all eyes on Wisconsin. Hoping for good news. - #tfb - Good luck tomorrow to the People of Wisconsin... . A lot of Americans will be watching and wishing you luck 

Ok Wisconsin time to take back our state. VOTE today,

@WildOneHun I think we will not see laziness from Wisconsin today. :)

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