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Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter to the Tea Party Republicans re: Jobs Plan

There is no doubt that the Tea Party Republicans want President Obama to fail. They will stop at NOTHING to ensure he is not re-elected. Here's an idea for 'em.

Dear GOP,

I have a challenge (dare?) for you.

You're insisting that the Democrats' job plan will fail, ruin our economy, cause those Job Creators to shut down en masse. You're spending millions to preach that sermon, and in some circles you have succeeded in convincing your constituency that you are speaking truth.

Why don't you just do it, then - sit back and let the Democrats fall on their faces?

So pass the bill, if you are so convinced, as you claim to be, that this program will fail and expose the Obama administration for what it is! Then when, according to you, everything we hold dear implodes, you'll have the perfect setup to get your guys into power and prove that YOUR agenda is the key to the success of our country. Stop wasting so much time and money and energy on fighting it - it's going to fail, right? Let it happen!

You'll be able to pick up the pieces and build your version of the perfect society, a free and unregulated market. People will flock to your cause. The job-creators will be rolling out the red carpet to the unemployed millions. The next generation will sing your praises.

What are you waiting for? Pass it.The whole thing.

Oh, wait... could there be another agenda at work here? Is your real fear that it will SUCCEED?

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