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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Goodbye, MSNBC

Once a haven for those of us with a more progressive political mindset, MSNBC now seems to have capitulated to its corporate handlers. I suppose it was inevitable, but I mourn the passing of this last holdout in the mainstream media's race to the bottom. 

Today, we learned that yet another voice has been silenced. Melissa Harris-Perry released an e-mail message she wrote to her team on Friday.  (link)

Harris-Perry states: "I am not hungry for empty airtime. I care only about substantive, meaningful, and autonomous work." 

Guess what, MSNBC? There are millions of us who want to see a return to that kind of integrity in journalism. Millions who will not settle for the few crumbs that are being thrown our way in an attempt to keep the ratings up. Millions who have now touched that dial and tuned you out. Your "Lean Forward" meme has become a joke; you're becoming just like everybody else. 

I admire what Harris-Perry has done. I wish that more of her colleagues, many of whom I respected, many of whom have apparently bowed to MSNBC's directives, would do the same.

While I'd like to see another broadcaster fill the void that MSNBC has left, I don't believe that in our corporate-owned condition, this is even possible. Journalistic integrity has been shifted to the minor leagues, and those who have respect for the ones not afraid to speak truth - and the venues that encourage them to do so - have left. 

Endings are hard for me, so I've held out for awhile - but this latest move is my personal last-straw moment. 

(Rachel Maddow, I'll definitely miss you)

Goodbye, MSNBC. 

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